• Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Effective from 8 May 2019, WP NET is no longer able to provide our customers with a complimentary copy of the WP Rocket caching plugin.

This is a disappointment for us, as we are real fans of the WP Rocket plugin and we feel that it does add value to our WordPress hosting services. However, due to a licensing issue we must discontinue supplying a complimentary copy of WP Rocket to our customers.

Any existing customers who have WP Rocket installed and licensed by WP NET can continue to use the plugin, but we are unable to activate any new licenses from this time forward. Of course, our customers can still choose to use the WP Rocket plugin, but they must purchase their own license directly from WP Rocket.

We are currently evaluating possible alternatives and will have news on this shortly. In the meantime WP NET hosted sites will use the (open-source) WP Super Cache plugin by default.