• Thursday, January 9, 2020

ElegantThemes (divi, extra, divi-builder < 4.0.10) - Authenticated Code Injection - fixed in version 4.0.10

Important Notes for Divi Users 

All Managed WordPress sites that meet the following criteria have been updated to the latest version (4.0.11 at time of writing):

  1. Div or Extra theme or Divi Builder plugin installed
  2. Is already at version 4.x.x

Sites running version 3.x.x

WP NET cannot deploy updates automatically for these cases, because there is a higher chance of breaking changes when updating the Divi theme from 3.x to 4.x (this includes possible changes required to your child theme and / or custom plugins).

WP NET Support will attend to these on a case by case basis and may be in touch with customers directly.

If you or your developer are able, we strongly recommend that you update the affected themes and plugins as soon as possible.

Please contact WP NET support if you have any questions.