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WP Google Maps <= 7.11.27 - Admin Settings CSRF

WP Google Maps <= 7.11.27 - Admin Settings CSRF

All Managed WordPress sites have been updated.

Support Response Times June-July 2019

From June 14 through to July 22, WP NET Technical Support will be operating at lower staffing levels and response times will be longer than usual. Due to staff on leave coinciding with some backend system upgrades, WP NET's Support capacity will be reduced during this time. WP NET Support - Low-staff: June 14 - July 22 2019 Support staff will be ...

Security Updates: Various Plugins

We have recently rolled out numerous security updates for all Managed WordPress sites. Updated plugins is as follows: Hustle Popups < 2.8.1 - CSV Injection King Composer Page Builder <= 6.0.7 -  XSS Vulnerabilities Paid Memberships Pro <= 2.0.5 - Authenticated Open Redirect WooCommerce Checkout Manager <= 4.2.6 - Arbitrary ...

WordPress Plugin Security Updates

Important Note Regarding these Security Update Notifications We are changing the format of our My WP NET Security Update Announcements. Previously, security updates notifications included links to the plugin's web page on the WordPress plugin repository and sometimes also other links to information about the vulnerability. Starting today, these ...