Plesk WordPress Toolkit

The Plesk WordPress Toolkit is a software extension that integrates directly into the Plesk Panel. Anytime you're doing something specifically with WordPress in Plesk Panel, you're using the WordPress Toolkit.

You can access you list of WordPress installations by clicking WordPress on the left-hand menu.

Once you get the hang of it, the WordPress Toolkit is very powerful and flexible when working with your WordPress installations.

For full documentation, see the Plesk WordPress Toolkit on Plesk Docs.

Some of the functionality that the WordPress Toolkit provides:

  • Clone a WordPress site
  • Install and update WordPress core
  • Install, update and remove plugins and themes
  • Perform security hardening
  • Activate and manage Maintenance Mode
  • Activate and manage Debugging
  • One-click login to the phpMyAdmin
  • One-click login to the WP Dashboard
  • Change the WP Administrator's password
  • Password protect a website with HTTP AUTH
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