Activate your WP NET website

To activate your domain on your new hosting account you will need to update your domain's DNS 'A' record to point to the IP address of your WP NET server.

The IP address of your server was included in the Service Activation email you received from us. You can also get your IP address by logging into the Plesk Panel, your website's IP address will be displayed on the Website & Domains page.

STEP 1 - Login to your domain registrar's website and edit or add the following A record in your domain's DNS records:    A

Replace for your domain, and replace with the IP address of your server. You can find your server's IP address on the My WP NET Service Information page, or in the Plesk Panel. It is also included in your initial Service Activation notification email.

STEP 2 - You may also want to point the 'www' version of your domain to your hosting account, for this, use a CNAME record:    CNAME

Save the changes. Note that it can take up to 48 hours for the changes to fully activate (though, it is usually much less).

If you have any questions or issues regarding this, please open a support ticket.

Editing Your Hosts File

In cases where you need to access your WP NET hosted site before editing your domain's zone file, you can edit your local machine's hosts file to point to the server. For instructions on how to do this, please read the Edit Your local Hosts File Guide.

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