This article applies only to Managed Server (NZ) (legacy) products

Managed Servers include unmetered traffic to all New Zealand locations, and a predefined monthly allocation of international traffic.

Once a server's international traffic allocation has been exhausted, 20GB data top-up blocks (@ $25 ea) will be automatically applied each time international traffic reaches 100% (email notifications are sent at 90%). This will continue until the monthly renewal date passes or an upgrade is purchased. If your server needs larger auto top-ups than 20GB, you can open a support ticket to request that this is increased. Pricing for data top-up blocks is available here

If a Managed Server is expected to regularly exceed it's monthly allocation, a Configuration Option Upgrade allows you to add more traffic allocation to your monthly plan. Note that it is considerably cheaper to buy international traffic in advance (via a Configuration Option Upgrade), rather than relying on automatic data top-ups.


  • Customers will receive email notifications when their server reaches 90% international traffic usage
  • At 100% usage, a 20GB top-up will be applied. These cost $25 + GST
  • Data top-ups will continue applying until either the monthly anniversary date resets or the server's international data allocation is upgraded

WP NET is developing some additional tools for our Managed Server customers to use to help them better manage traffic usage on their servers, and to identify which sites are generating the most traffic. We hope to make these tools available in the near future.

International Traffic Upgrades

If a server experiences a one-off spike in traffic, then it's usually fine to just let the auto top-up apply. However, if you anticipate that the server's international traffic usage has increased, and will regularly go beyond the allocation, it is much more economical to purchase international traffic in advance, via Configuration Option Upgrade.

International Traffic Upgrade Pricing

  • NZD$30 + GST per 50GB of additional International Traffic

Notes Regarding International Traffic Usage

Cloud Storage and Backup will use International Traffic

It's important to remember: because very few cloud providers have data centres located in New Zealand, connecting a WP NET Managed Server to just about any cloud service (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3) will use international traffic. For a server with many sites and lots of backups to DropBox, VaultPress etc, this can quickly consume large amounts of international traffic.

WP NET's Managed Servers Suit NZ-Based Audiences

It's important to note that WP NET's Managed Server products are ideal when nearly all a website's intended audience are also located in NZ. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Geographical proximity to NZ-based users - NZ servers are fast for NZ users!
  2. NZ data is free, but international traffic is metered - no data costs for NZ traffic!

Server resources are comparatively expensive in NZ, so if you have a significant audience outside NZ, it's usually best to host outside NZ and use a CDN to boost global site performance.

Feel free to contact WP NET and we'll be happy to discuss your hosting requirements and advise you on options.

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