If a registered domain is allowed to expire, the domain enters a grace period of 30 days.

After 30 days, the domain enters redemption period. While the domain can still be renewed by the previous owner, there is now a cost in doing so:

  • gTLDs (.com .net .biz .info .org): *
  • .nz TLDs (.nz .co.nz .net.nz .org.nz): *

* Redemption fees vary for different TLDs, please open a support ticket to confirm pricing for your domain.

The redemption fees above are in addition to any domain registration / renewal fees. Redemption periods vary from 30-90 days for different TLDs.

During the grace and redemption periods, no third-party is able to register the domain. Only the previous registrant can renew until the redemption period has closed.

Domain Expiry

If a domain remains unregistered beyond the redemption period, it is usually locked from registration for a short time and then released as an available domain.

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