If you're new to WordPress development, then it may be useful to have some suggested workflows for getting your code from your local WordPress dev environment, to WP NET's servers. This is known as deployment.

A simple, suggested deployment workflow for WP NET is as follows:

  1. local machine (i.e. XAMPP, or a virtual machine) - site builds, development, testing
  2. staging sub-domain (on WP NET, i.e. staging.mysite.nz) - testing, client review
  3. production (on WP NET, i.e. mywebsite.nz) - "live" website

To give yourself a development -> staging -> production -type workflow, you can deploy your site from your local machine, on to a WP NET "staging" site, then clone the staging site to "production".

There are a number of excellent applications to help you set up a development server and host a WordPress site on your local machine. Once your site is ready to deploy, you can use a backup / deployment plugin such as BackupBuddy or UpdraftPlus to migrate the site from your development server to the WP NET server.

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